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Maintenance Contract for Business

Hykool focus on providing quality air conditioning maintenance contract service for all types of residential, commercial & industrial air conditioners. To enhance customer's overall experience, Hykool have implemented booking & account system, where customers can gain access to past information and book for appointments on the go.

As our maintenance contract customer and client, you will enjoy the following benefits:


Quick & easy

 booking process

Assigned to a


Key Account Manager

Personalised services

based on your needs

Check on past servicing,

appointment & maintenance

contract on the go

Waiver of

transportation charges

Choose Your Servicing Plan:


4 times per year


6 times per year


12 times per year

Scope of Work Includes:

Package Includes:

  • Priority attendance to breakdown call with
    no additional charges*

  • Unlimited (365 days) of free water leakage warranty

  • Special discount for spare parts replacement

  • Complimentary gas top up (10 PSI yearly)

  • Cleaning of casing

  • Cleaning of filters

  • Cleaning of blower wheel

  • Vacuum cooling coil

  • Vacuum drainage pipes

  • Vacuum floor trap drainage

  • Check for noise issues

  • Check all electrical contact/components

  • Check gas level

Even the best brands choose us 

We got you covered across all brands


Our Capabilities & Benefits

Islandwide Coverage


Technical team is available and covers islandwide

Simple Communication 

We are within reach!

 Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS, landline and email 

Flexible Service Package 

To understand and meet customer's operational and financial budget

One-Stop Solution

We are linked across all major brands. Able to provide full range of replacement parts and air conditioning accessories

Full digital maintenance contract documentation and service report will be provided, a hassle-free experience at no additional cost.

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